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Half Songs (2021) Hindi Watch Online Free
Half Songs (2021) Hindi Watch Online Free

Half Songs (2021) Hindi Watch Online Free

An old music store that sold vinyl records is closing down in Mumbai. Shweta, an intern at an online music magazine works on her first feature story about the closing of the store. In an almost empty shop, she finds years of memories. The old man and his nephew who run the store become the subject for her story. Shweta discovers a diary of song lyrics Vivek had hidden away from the world. The shy musician in him finds them incomplete. She inspires him to continue making songs. While the story of the shop ends, another story begins for Vivek and Shweta, that of love and music.

Views: 355

Genre: Romance , Indian movies

Actor: Vartika Tiwari , Emon Chatterjee

Director: Sriram Raja

Writer: Sriram Raja

Country: India

Release: 2018-01-01

Duration: 80 Min

Quality: HD Hindi

Rating: 0



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